Create Your Online Shop effortlessly and for FREE!

If you want to provide merch to your fans, but don't want the costly overheads of paying and sitting on stock that might not sell, simply sign up, send us your design, get your merch listed and make money.

- $ZERO investment, YEP!

- Passive income, earn as you sell

- Custom URL to share with your fans

- High-quality DIGITAL prints, no limits in the colours of your designs

- Premium AS Colour t-shirts

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- Same day shipment

- Compostable and sustainable packaging

- Top-notch customer service

- Extra care for your fans and supporters

  • Step 1: Request for Proposal

    Fill out the following form and get an informative PDF that answers all your questions about pricing and where to begin!

  • Step 2: Create Your Page

    Once you've read the proposal and understand the process, you can start creating your page. Just provide a profile photo and a brief bio to share your story.

  • Step 3: Upload Your Artwork

    Simply provide us with an artwork file. Our team will create a mockup for your approval and then list the product on your page.

  • Step 4: Promote Your Merch

    That's it! Bam! You're good to go! Time to sell your rad merch to your fantastic fans. Spread the love on social media with a service like Linktree in your bio.

Step 1: Request for Proposal