• Red Temples

    Red Temples

    After meeting whilst picking up their kids from school, what started out as a weekly jam quickly coalesced into something more serious. A mutual love for the music of their youth, the place where they live and the changes of life around them, informs the mature and modern take on Australiana and 90s indie rock. With a handful of successful gigs under their belt and an EP and subsequent tour set to drop in early 2023, the future is looking promising for Red Temples.
    Red Temples are that friend you haven’t caught up with in ages. Blending rock, soul, blues and reggae into a sound immediately familiar yet all their own, their songs are built from the stories and melodies of the everyday. A collective approach to song writing sees the group journey to the cross-roads of wide-ranging musical influences, dark humour and dubious life choices. The five-piece are reveling in bringing their songs to a wider audience, lighting up the scene with their energetic and spirited live shows. Come to the Temple Door, let yourself in and see what’s on the other side. Five lads, Five minds, Five souls, one goal: Music worth listening to. Let the good times rock, and roll.

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